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Natural Canvas Tattoo is a studio that aims to give YOU what YOU want.

The Marshall, NC offices were established in 2010 to serve the needs of mankind.

We specialize in art that suits you and will do everything in our power to connect you with the unique imagery that honors your intentions.

Yours Faithfully,

MGMT (AKA: Mr. Wilderness)



Chad Adamowski

Mr. Chad Wilderness

Gentleman Tattooer


Young Chad was one of the lucky ones. From the tender age of 13, he knew exactly what he wanted to be when he grew up.

His mother Peggy Sue began a relationship with a gentleman named Ronald Tribula. He had been recently paroled, after having served at Chino, Soledad, and other reputable correctional institutions. His possessions included tattoo designs on paper and his skin from the facilities he had paid his debt to society in;) His sense of humor intact, he made a strong impression on a young Chad by gifting him his record collection including The Clash, T. rex, David Bowie, Iggy Pop, Rick James, etc. He then taught him to build improvised tattoo machines out of walkman motors, penshafts and guitar strings. This teamed with a developed sense of graphic design and composition lead a young Chad toward the path to tattooing, starting with neighborhood gang bangers, bikers and strangers...

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Dave Camille Natural Canvas Tattooer

Mr. DAVE Cavnar


Hailing from Southeast Michigan and a chaotic (but fun) childhood in a household with six siblings, Dave has spent much of his adulthood searching for something he couldn't really identify. After working with children diagnosed with autism for two years out of university, Dave moved to Taiwan, where he taught ESL and explored past the edges of his comfort zone, still looking for the thing he couldn't name. In 2014, while getting his first large tattoo (by Casper Pawlowski), Dave decided to use his recovery time to do a Drawing a Day for 30 days. He immediately fell back in love with drawing (and the world of tattooing), and has been walking the path of creativity ever since. In December of 2019, that path brought him to Natural Canvas Tattoo in Marshall, NC, where he met Chad and his search ended. Dave enjoys the challenge of doing all different styles of tattoo, and is passionate about providing the best possible tattoo experience for every individual he works with.

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MS. Ashley ShaFER


Ashley grew up middle Georgia. After graduating highschool, she moved up to Atlanta to start her tattoo career in early 2009. Since then, she's developed her own artistic style that merges the natural elements of the earth with the mystical secrets if the cosmos. Ashley is also a medicine woman, Ceremonialist, musician, and coach helping people to find their own creativity and personal power to live a life aligned with the heart's dream. She's lived and worked around Atlanta, Southern California, Southern Oregon, Denver Colorado, and has traveled around North, Central and South America. In the last few years she's immersed herself in personal studies of power, truth and unconditional love. Unity begins with the harmony we can find within, and the space held in Ashley's tattoo chair will empower you and bring an opportunity to experience genuine connection and reflection of the Most High.

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Mr. Chad Wilderness